Nathan Schott

Creating the web on two wheels

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Let me help you out there

Let's get your website up and moving. Need a quick basic website? Done. Need something more robust with content publishing and management? Done. Need custom functionality or a custom application? Done. Let's talk and see what can be done about your web presence needs.

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Interested in the gritty side?

The best part about building the web is all of the awesome tools available. Take a look at some of the tools I like to use in my workflow.

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About Me

A tad bit about who I am

I am an avid lover of technology and especially the web. I like to follow the bleeding edge web technologies to see where the industry is heading, while keeping my personal workflow modern, but stable and efficient. You'll often catch me playing around with one-off projects to test out new and different technologies. Learning is a passion and endless pursuit. I've chosen to focus that passion on the ever evolving world of the web.

When I'm not spending my time on the computer I'm on the backroads, zipping around on two wheels. The outdoors is a great place to relax and decompress, whether it be on a trail on the side of a mountain or laxily laying on the beach. There is no shortage of time that I enjoy spending under the sun.

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